Pincinox Stainless Steel Clothes Pins – The last clothes pins you will ever need to buy.

The high quality standard of manufacturing stainless steel clothes pins ensure we can offer you a life guarantee on Pincinox rustproof clothes pins. Please be wary of quick to rust copies

High industrial grade stainless steel fully deburred – no rust and unbreakable.

And Madame Violet still uses the very first pegs hand-wrought by her late husband 50 years ago.

  • Unbreakable Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs Clothes Pins
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Rustproof
  • Heat and frost resistant.
  • Can be kept outside all year round
  • Unique patented solid one piece springless forged construction.
  • Strong grip design holds heavy wet clothes securely
  • Easy to hold and use by all
  • Recyclable



x 20 Pack, x 40 Pack, x 60 Pack, x 80 Pack, x 100 Pack, 20 Pack £18.09, 20 pack – £18.09, 40 Pack £34.99, 40 Pack – £34.99, 60 Pack £51.99, 60 Pack – £51.99, 80 Pack £67.99, 80 Pack – £67.99, 100 Pack – £83.99

17 reviews for Pincinox Stainless Steel Clothespins

  1. Amy

    Great Clothes Pegs

  2. Pierre Laget

    I’m a second generation user of the Pincinox pegs in my family. I grew up with them and from my point of view, I just cannot understand what’s the point of buying anything else knowing full well that every other pegs will invariably break, rust and not even hold onto the line properly.
    Not to mention that Pincinox pegs also come very handy in the kitchen to close tight all those food bags we use every day. And they look cool to boot!

  3. PAT HAWTHORNE (verified owner)

    very good pegs. will recommend.

  4. Lyn Johnson (verified owner)

    I bought my first pincinox a year or so ago. Have just bought some more, wish i’d found them when I was young!!! I’m a pensioner now, might leave them to my daughter in my will!!!!!

  5. dlfudge (verified owner)

    They are the very best in every respect. Spend the extra money and you won’t be disappointed. I bought some a couple of years ago or so and they still look like new. Very versatile too. I use them for sealing foods that need to be kept in airtight bags.

  6. Denise Tupman

    Amazing i bought mine at least 15 years ago probably longer, they still look as good as new. Such a worth while investment.

    • admin

      Hi, that’s great! Thank you for letting us know how happy you are with your Pincinox. You can look forward to many more years of service from them.

  7. Sue L Hitchin (verified owner)

    I pegged out my washing today (2 days after storm Ciara) it was still very windy. When I returned to remove the dry T shirts, jeans & socks the pegs had held everything in place even though the rotary drier was at a 45 degree angle ! Pincinox – highly recommended.

    • admin

      Many thanks to you for sharing. We realise how windy it was and still is as the wind has not really subsided yet. The Pincinox have done a great job in this case providing a secure grip in such windy conditions while your rotary drier tipped over or bent to 45 degrees. We also admire your fortitude pegging out in that wind. Thank you for your comments.

  8. Barbara Casey Lake District (verified owner)

    Just received my Pincinox pegs and I am absolutely delighted
    I shall also have to think about passing them on to the next generation as they are so well made

    • admin

      Thank you Mrs Casey, it was a pleasure helping you with your order. I hope that you may enjoy your new Pincinox for many years to come.

  9. ralph schuster (verified owner)

    if you do one thing in your life –buy these pegs.-they are brilliant.

  10. Natalie Doubleday (verified owner)

    The person who designed these pegs must have been a very wealthy person because once bought you will never need to buy anymore. I have had these original pegs for nearly twenty years. They have been out in all weathers and have not a scrap of rust on any of them. They cope with all thickness of materials. They are superb. Once bought they never need replacing. I initially bought forty and still have forty left.

    • admin

      Now that is what I call a long time frame review. Thank you so much. Your review will give others the confidence to invest in Pincinox

  11. Lorna (verified owner)

    I am very happy with these pegs, and if they last as long as other customers say, they are a good buy. The only thing that has made me give them 4 stars rather than 5 is that they are a bit on the small side. They still work perfectly well, but I would love the option to purchase a larger size – and would be happy to pay a bit extra

  12. Mila (verified owner)

    I’ve had these clips for 7 or 8 years now… They never break or go loose, I use them to seal food packaging and to hang dry beeswax wraps and flexible plastic bags (these need to be washed before recycling, especially salad bags). I came to this website to order more and was pleased that the clips are sold in plastic free packaging and that plastic tape is not used to seal the mailers!

  13. Joe Deehan (verified owner)

    I purchased these pegs several years ago and they are the best on the market. Someone said you never need to buy any more but they have many other uses so I need more, as I have been looking for ages for something to hold a tarpaulin up on a gazebo to keep the rain out. Perfect fit to hold the tarp to the gutter and they look very neat and unobtrusive, not like the ugly big clamps that I was using. GREAT,GREAT,GREAT!

  14. Tony Jollans

    I bought some of these for my wife but, unfortunately, she could not use them due to arthritis in her hands. I must say I would have been very happy to use them myself but something we both could use was needed. In response to my e-mail, I was offered a full refund on return, which was paid promptly. Not only, as best I could tell, an excellent product but also excellent customer service.

  15. Naomi P (verified owner)

    I have bought 60 of these and they are the best clothes pegs ever. I bought 20 two years ago as my bamboo pegs had rotted and got very gross…and looked up steel ones and found these. They are amazing, they look brand new 2 years on. And after a few more of my wooden pegs breaking I bought another 40. They are expensive but so is replacing cheap plastic or wooden pegs every year…is it normal to want to give these out as birthday or christmas presents? ‘Happy Birthday I got you some clothes pegs that will last forever!’ ??
    TLDR – the best and only clothes pegs you’ll ever need.

  16. Deena Beverley (textile artist and journalist) (verified owner)

    Could I BE more enthusiastic about a peg? I could not! Bought myself a pack for my birthday having seen India Knight’s review. Was not disappointed! Love them! Back here today to buy more for my birthday this year having lost a few not to damage as they are indestructible, but lost to their plethora of other uses including stylishly and securely clipping the flexible hosing of my plant irrigation to the sides of the pots. LOVE PINCINOX! Also I’m a textile artist and writer specialising in working with very fragile antique fabrics and I can’t risk pegs marking them when I carefully launder, dry or just air ones that are too fragile to wash even by hand in cool water. PINCINOX to the rescue! As even new wooden pegs can leave stains from the wood and any other peg eg plastic has the rust susceptible workings. Don’t be seduced by cheaper stainless steel copycat pegs. They are not only not in the same league, they’re not even in the same game. The multiple thickness placement option on Pincinox is perfect for the multiple thickness variants of fabrics I work with from very fine Georgian silk through to heavy velvet. Hurrah for Pincinox! And no (sadly!) I’m not sponsored to say any of this!

  17. Gill Williams

    These truly are the Rolls Royce of pegs. I’ve come back to our some more but I wish I’d had these when I first set up home because you’ll never need anything else. Superb product.

    • admin

      That’s great. Thank you for your continued support

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