• Unbreakable Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs Clothes Pins
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Rustproof
  • Heat and frost resistant
  • Can be kept outside all year round
  • Unique patented solid one piece springless forged construction
  • Strong grip design holds heavy wet clothes securely
  • Easy to hold and use by all
  • Recyclable




What Pincinox Customers Say

I think these pegs are great. Sturdy and still shiny despite being left out on the line during all the recent rain. Have already bought a second pack.

These clothes pegs are great such a grip on the line i have told the rest of the family
how they are and do not rust.

Best pegs I have ever had. They will not rust or drop to bits. Much more sensible that the wooden ones.

A first class, and quality item. Well packed, and sent out quickly. Wonder now why I put up all these years, with plastic pegs breaking all the time? Will certainly buy more of these stainless pegs.

So simple and easy to use. They have a good grip and hold the washing firmly in spite of strong winds. Made in one piece they do not spring apart or break as plastic ones do after being exposed to sun for a while. I like them so much that I have bought a second set!

Just perfect pegs… they are just the right size with a very strong grip on clothes and of course they’re stainless steel.

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We’ve Made The Papers!

We were delighted to get a mention in The Sunday Times. Highly renowned author and journalist India Knight pointed her readers in the right direction in her article on the 10th of May 2020. She highly recommends Pincinox to her readers. We don't advertise and were very grateful for the endorsement in The Times.

We later approached her to say thank you for the mention and it became clear that she is "evangelical" about our pegs and called them "miracles of mini engineering"

India also added that since her purchase of Pincinox "No one has ever enjoyed pegging out their laundry more than me, so-thank you"

Thank you India and we hope that you enjoy the lifetimes service that your new Pincinox will provide.


Why Buy Pincinox Clothes Pegs?

  • You will never need to replace them
  • Pincinox Clothespins/ Clothespegs save you money every year at least once a year
  • They look great, perform even better and never wear out
  • No more stains on your laundry
  • No more picking up springs and bits of broken pegs
  • Family run manufacturer providing personal and the very best customer service
  • Fighting against the throw away culture and endorsed on "Buy Me Once"
  • You can drive a car over them and they will not break
  • Many other uses due to their durability
  • If you are not completely satisfied with your order simply return it and we will refund you
  • We say it once more, they are covered by a lifetime warranty


Only Pincinox Offer An Extended Unlimited Warranty!


In the 53 years since production started. None have

ever been returned for rust or malfunction.

Beware of cheap copies that rust quickly.

Each Pincinox has the word Pincinox press

stamped into the metal of each leg of the peg.