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Selection Of Buyer Reviews - " The World's Best Clothes Peg "

Pincinox Clothes Pegs are a lifelong clothes peg solution for your home, designed to stand the test of time. Read on to find out just why both our customers and our team believe Pincinox stainless steel clothes pegs are " the world's best clothes peg ". 

For some time now I have been getting sick of the noise CRACK or BOING. This happens frequently with plastic or wooden pegs - they either break, shatter (really cold weather is a bugger to plastic pegs) or the spring disappears into the grass ready to smack you in the eye when you next mow the lawn. I figured there had to be a better way so, just being nosey, searched for metal pegs. I came across these and I bought a set about a year ago - none have broken, there's no spring to go BOING so I've just bought another set.
I now understand why nobody stocks them in shops, they'd never sell plastic or wooden ones again - as they're a single piece, there's nothing to break!
They're somewhat smaller than 'standard' size pegs but they hold onto the line really well and there's no sliding of clothing because of a loose fit - they stay where you put them. It's worth noting that they can be a touch difficult to open as they are strong steel but they will slide over the fabric on a line.
They may seem pricey but I reckon they've easily paid for themselves in this last year as I've not had to buy replacements for broken ones and, don't forget, I still have all 20 - not broken, not bent, not loose, not rusty - they're as good as the day I got them.
I wouldn't touch any other type of pegs again!!!

Absolutely superb - not cheap but you get what you pay for - they have plenty of power, do not mark your clothes, can be left out in the rain and don't corrode or rot and are practically indestructible - what more do you want from a peg! In fact, I said to my girlfriend that by the time we grow old and grey together she will know each peg by name:-)

I used these pegs to hung curtains!!! Definitely strong hold!! Arrived promptly. I will buy another bunch again whenever I need pegs.

Just perfect pegs... they are just the right size with a very strong grip on clothes and of course they're stainless steel.

What more could you want from of a clothes peg??? They have great grip!!! They have a lifetime rust guaranty!!! They don't break!!!! They are weather proof!!!! They slide along the washing line when you locate them fully onto the line and they dangle via the centre hole (you know what I mean).....all 20 of them together!!!

The only issue I have wife hates them. She hates them for all the positive reasons above and because I bought them. She simply don't get them. On the positive side though.....when I come home with all my cycling clothes muddy and I wash them and go to hang them out...all my pegs are where I placed them from the time before and none are on the floor or broken.
And to top it all.......guess what????....I ordered 20 more yesterday.

So simple and easy to use. They have a good grip and hold the washing firmly in spite of strong winds. Made in one piece they do not spring apart or break as plastic ones do after being exposed to sun for a while. I like them so much that I have bought a second set!

A first class, and quality item. Well packed, and sent out quickly. Wonder now why I put up all these years, with plastic pegs breaking all the time? Will certainly buy more of these stainless pegs.


Best pegs I have ever had. They will not rust or drop to bits. Mych more sensible that the wooden ones.

Having used Pincinox stainless steel clothes pegs for many years, without any rusting, it is easy for us to say that these a simply the world's best clothes peg!

These clothes pegs are great such a grip on the line i have told the rest of the family
how they are and do not rust.

I think these pegs are great. Sturdy and still shiny despite being left out on the line during all the recent rain. Have already bought a second pack.

A first class product. Slightly smaller than conventional pegs they are equally as strong and you don't have to worry about clothes being marked by the wooden pegs or the plastic ones snapping off in your hands as you peg your washing out. - well worth the extra money they cost. I am just ordering my second set 🙂

I had bought Pincinox clothes pegs many years ago (they are still as good as new) and wanted to get some for a friend. I found them online at a good price. If you want pegs that never rust, break or deform, Pincinox are for you.


i purchased these pegs about a month ago and they are brilliant, and i honestly believe i will never have to buy another set of pegs ever again 🙂
they are smaller than a normal peg but they hold the clothes well on line and much stronger . when they arrived i decided to test their capability eg thickest/ heaviest to the thinnest and in very windy conditions and they passed with flying colours ,no pegs on the floor or washing
so i would highly recommend these to anyone , they come with a lifetime guarentee for rust etc so i fingers crossed and i'll let you know

I've tested several types of pegs over the past 3 years. These are my favourites.

* Unlike conventional pegs, they don't break and leave me with two halves or with an orphaned metal spring on the line.
* They're easy to use. No fiddly movements and adjustments required.
* They hold the clothing well, even in heavy wind.
* I've left them outdoors on the line for several months and they haven't rusted or deteriorated in any way.
* They leave pressure marks on thick textiles. (Most clothes pegs do. It's not a problem, I think. I just mention it because some pegs are designed not to leave pressure marks.)
* They're not cheap. (But in the long-term they're a good investment because they don't need replacing.)

Well designed and work brilliantyl. Look good too.
Love these pegs. Fab product and super fast delivery. Thank you 🙂

Product arrived promptly and is everything it says in the description. The pegs are slightly smaller than I expected but do their job very effectively, they grip well and stay in place. I am delighted with them and as I live near the sea I need something that does not rust and these should last.

As other reviews have already confirmed these are well worth buying. Yes a bit pricy but I've already ordered my second pack. I too was sick of my plastic peg breaking after one use and my wood ones marking my clothes.

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